Senior Care

Our mission is to improve the lives of seniors and those who care for them. 

We believe providing the best eldercare means putting the best technology into the hands of top caregivers. We know our systems aren’t a magic solution, but we also know that if we work hard every day to help caregivers do what they do best, our seniors will reap the benefits of better care. Solving the challenges of eldercare can’t be done by one person or one company alone. We are all partners in the quest to provide our seniors with the care they deserve.

RCare is a provider of UL 1069 and 2560 Tested wireless nurse call and personal emergency response systems for the entire spectrum of eldercare and senior living. RCare components integrate into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and verifiable responses to medical emergencies. SWC and RCare work with facilities to build individualized, flexible and seamless systems to enhance both caregiving and resident quality of life.