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Responder 5Whether your hospital is large or small, Responder 5 is the perfect fit. Rauland’s Responder systems make it easier to deliver the highest quality of patient care. This includes effortless implementation, the ability to seamlessly coordinate between various departments and integrate into existing hospital systems. Responder buttons are customized to match your individual processes allowing for simplified and streamlined workflow. Responder 5 enables you to easily connect with IT systems, phone systems, security systems and more, offering a well-orchestrated tool for measuring data. Most importantly, our integration consulting services ensure your Responder system is fully integrated with older systems to reduce any redundancy and increase productivity.

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Benefits of Upgrading from Responder IV to Responder 5

Upgrade your current Responder IV system to Responder 5 to improve performance and leverage your existing system. The software upgrade lets you keep Responder IV in the patient rooms, corridors and equipment cabinets while taking advantage of Responder 5 integration and reporting. You use your existing data network to expand your nurse call world and allow for future integration at the server level. An effective Clinical Communications System can greatly improve your patient ratings. Responder 5 was designed with processes to help you raise HCAPS scores and hospital reimbursements. See how Responder 5 “Always” Answers the Call.