Healthcare Projects

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

When selecting a new nurse call system the administration at Twin Lakes was focused on finding atechnology driven solution. They vetted several options and asked questions such as “will this technology allow for future growth?” Another primary focus was finding a solution that would offer integration capability with multiple systems. After a thorough review of the offerings, Twin Lakes elected the Rauland Responder 5 system based upon awareness of industry best practices and the staff terminal capabilities.

David Logsdon, Chief Nursing officer explains, “Our facility is very lean and we rely upon technology for efficiency and productivity. I can’t add additional staff, but I can make their jobs easier and improve their lives daily.”

Staff satisfaction has greatly improved since the installation of Responder 5 and integration with their new wireless phones. The CNO admits there was some initial hesitation to adopt the new technologies, but staff soon saw how things were improved through direct communication with other nursing staff and patients through the use of wireless phones and staff terminal integrations.

One key improvement has been an overall quieter facility.  Logsdon explains, “We used to experience at least 25 overhead pages an hour from someone trying to locate doctors or other facility personnel. With this solution we’ve eliminated the constant paging and have created a quieter healing environment for our patients.”

A key to the successful implementation at Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center was the installation and support provided by South Western Communications. SWC kept the old nurse call system afloat while installing the new Responder 5 solution. The team was willing to help do whatever they could to keep operations going and helped achieve a smooth transition. David Logsdon praises the SWC team stating “SWC is always on top of our needs and immediately take care of any issues which may arise. Their attention to detail and support has been incomparable.”

Download the TWIN LAKES CASE STUDY to see how Staff Terminals Improve thier Workflow Processes.

Piedmont Newnan

Given the opportunity to build the hospital of the future, Atlanta’s Piedmont Health System focused on the patient experience and safety at their newest campus in Newnan which opened in May 2012. SWC-Richardson Technology Systems is proud to have worked with the staff at Piedmont Newnan Hospital in developing new processes of care based on the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call System and Staff Terminal Stations, Biamp’s Vocia Public Address System, and Elpas’ Visonic Infant Protection Systems. The Hospital Staff worked closely with our Clinical Application Specialists to both develop faster processes and instant notification of team members for critical care events such as Code Blue or Rapid Response and customize some of the Staff Terminals with 50 different options for notifications to team members. The Newnan Hospital staff members use the Staff Terminals to talk or send messages and connect communications between different departments like Nursing, Environmental Services, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Food Services, and Admissions. SWC-Richardson is pleased with the successful installation, implementation and adoption of all systems at Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

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Owensboro Health

South Western Communications is pleased to partner with Owensboro Health for the development of their new hospital which opened July of 2013. We were able to work alongside Turner Construction for the complete installation of EST Fire Alarm throughout the facility.  We also installed Rauland’s Responder 5 Nurse Call systems and staff terminals in every patient room. These rooms are designed to be quality patient rooms of the future. Our Clinical Application Specialists performed a customized needs analysis as well as Super User training for nursing staff to learn the integration capabilities of an advanced Clinical Communications System. This system has proven a very effective tool for the new hospital.

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